Fjord Melt / Cold Hands (2018)

Fjord Melt / Cold Hands is an audiovisual collaboration between myself and musician and DJ Liam McCartan.

Fjord Melt is a beat-less composition made by McCartan, that is pulsed – nonetheless – through suggestions of ‘performance’ (or ‘playing’) within it’s structure. All of this hints at a sense of human agency within an otherwise glacially-paced and hybrid-timbral world.

Cold Hands an audio-reactive video work created by Christopher Steenson to accompany McCartan’s composition. It uses archival and bespoke video material that is algorithmically edited in real-time to the musical information present within Fjord Melt. Akin to suggestions of performance and agency present in the McCartan’s composition, Cold Hands points to the idea of creative reactivity possible through algorithmic process, typified by the presence of two dancing and interacting hands on-screen.

Fjord Melt / Cold Hands was originally presented as part of ‘In the Stairwell’, an anthology event organised by the Umbrella sound art collective. This event took place on 12 December 2017 at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast. The video was projected onto the roof of the stairwell within the building.

Subsequently, Fjord Melt / Cold Hands was presented as an extended one-night installation on 1 February 2018 at the Art Department, as part of Belfast’s Late Night Art (which happens on the first Thursday of every month).  

Below is a short audience-filmed video of Fjord Melt / Cold Hands at ‘In the Stairwell’. 

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