Spectres of Place (2018)

Spectres of Place is a site-specific composition that was created for St Martin’s Church, Belfast. It was performed on 11 August 2018 during the ‘Framewerk Sleepover’, a curated night of exploratory sounds that took from 8pm to 8am. 

The composition was created by using found tape cassette recordings of church bells, choirs and sermons from around Northern Ireland. This source material was then edited and digitally sculpted to create the finished composition. In using these outmoded forms of technology as the basis for the work – and by contorting them using modern digital techniques – I intended to show the conflict between the past projections of the future and their death in the present. Much like the St Martin’s Church – which is now deconsecrated and used as a community hall – the influence and hopes of religion is waning, as is prevalence of sectarian violence within the city. Spectres of Place is an ideation on the ghosts that echo through old spaces.

The event was covered by The Quietus. Read the review here

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